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a.1.Pertaining to psychical phenomena in their relation to the living organism or to the general phenomena of life.
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The seances he had with Palladino convinced Morselli that she could project a biopsychic force from her body, a force that could join with other forces coming from the other persons in the mediumistic circle (1908a, p.
Morselli (1908a) admitted that all these psychological considerations did not really explain the so-called biopsychic effects, that is, that an "unknown modality of energy .
Wench and Mars Gumbo, a bear-like man and Wench's nominal superior as science editor at the Daily Parade, are sympathetic to the dissident cause, especially after the veep Cinder announces a new government program called: Biopsychic Lavation for Intensified Stimulation of Superego or "BLISS" for short.