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 (bī-pĕd′l) or bi·ped (bī′pĕd′)
1. Having two feet; two-footed.
2. Walking on two feet.

bi·ped′al·ism (-pĕd′l-ĭz′əm), bi′pe·dal′i·ty (-pə-dăl′ĭ-tē) n.
bi·ped′al·ly adv.


Standing or walking on two feet. ♦ The use of two feet for standing and walking is known as bipedal locomotion. The evolution of bipedal locomotion in humans was aided by the development of an upright head and backbone and of an arched foot.
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Adj.1.bipedal - having two feetbipedal - having two feet      
four-footed, quadruped, quadrupedal - having four feet
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The scientists say their observations are a window into how bipedal dinosaurs - the ones that stood on their hind legs - may have walked and run.
The presentation shows impressive progress towards making bipedal robots as agile, if not more so, than humans.
Being limited to walking speeds contradicts arguments of high-speed pursuit predation for the largest bipedal dinosaurs like T-Rex.
The deal with Alphabet will also see SoftBank buy Japanese bipedal robotics company Schaft.
As part of the transaction, SoftBank will also acquire Japanese bipedal robotics company Schaft.
Pursuant to this transaction with Alphabet, SoftBank agreed to acquire Japanese bipedal robotics company Schaft as well.
Writer Kenneth Johnson took a page from a 1962 Twilight Zone episode oTo Serve Mano, wherein human scientists belately discover that their new ET ofriendso are actually bipedal reptilians in the guise of humans with a plan to pillage Earth of its natural resources (primarily water) and harvest humans for food.
A bipedal, humanoid Pokemon Jynx is also said to appear frequently at the Seonjeongneung Royal Tombs.
Chinese students work on the Ares, a humanoid bipedal robot designed by them with funding from a Shanghai investment company, displayed during the World Robot Conference in Beijing.
Specificity of foot configuration during bipedal stance in ballet dancers.
2007) and at least 10% of foraging time is spent in bipedal mode (Dove, 2010).
When he gets mixed up with Billy Matrix, the self-proclaimed authority on the "North American Bipedal Great Ape", things get interesting--and dangerous.