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The mathematical representation of a wave, especially a graph obtained by plotting a characteristic of the wave against time.


(General Physics) physics the shape of the graph of a wave or oscillation obtained by plotting the value of some changing quantity against time


the shape of a wave, usu. represented as a graph of the instantaneous values of a periodic quantity as a function of time.
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Noun1.waveform - the shape of a wave illustrated graphically by plotting the values of the period quantity against time
undulation, wave - (physics) a movement up and down or back and forth
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MARKET OVERVIEW & TRENDS II-4 Focus Shifts to High-End Non-AED Devices II-4 Financial Difficulties - A Hurdle and an Opportunity II-4 Technological Advancements Drive Growth II-4 Accessibility and Availability - Emerging Trends in Defibrillators II-5 Value Addition - A Growing Trend II-5 Advanced Waveforms Take Precedence II-6 Growing Popularity of Biphasic Waveform in Defibrillators II-6 Key Benefits of Biphasic Waveforms in a Nutshell II-6
Powerheart's STAR(R) Biphasic Waveform Technology provides levels of escalating energy customized to the patient.
Powerheart's STAR Biphasic Waveform Technology provides levels of escalating energy customized to the patient.
Rolf Stutz, chairman and CEO of ZOLL added, "Beyond the growth in our existing products during the second quarter, our release of initial clinical trial results of our clinically advanced, patented Biphasic waveform technology was extremely well received by clinicians at the American College of Cardiology Convention in March.
First Approval of ZOLL Rectilinear Biphasic Waveform Clears Path to Resume Distribution to World's Second Largest Defibrillator Market
The Food and Drug Administration has approved biphasic waveform AEDs for the U.
Irvine, CA) announced that it had been granted two additional United States patents -- one covering its biphasic waveform technology, the core defibrillation technology embedded in all the company's Powerheart-brand in-hospital and public access defibrillator products and the second related to the invention of long-term wear defibrillation electrodes applicable to in-hospital bedside and wearable defibrillator products.
The CCT comes standard with ZOLL's Rectilinear Biphasic waveform and pulse oximetry and optionally offers transcutaneaous pacing, capnography, 12 lead ECG, invasive and noninvasive blood pressure, and temperature.
The ZOLL RBW is the only biphasic waveform cleared by the FDA to claim superiority to monophasic waveforms for the conversion of ventricular fibrillation in high impedance patients.
This proprietary biphasic waveform is already patented in the United States.