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1. Of, for, or consisting of members of two races.
2. Having parents of two different races.

bi·ra′cial·ism n.


the principle or practice of combining or representing two separate races, as white and Negro, on governing boards, committees, etc. — biracialist, biracial, adj.
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While she celebrates the post-racial progress that she feels her own image of America embraces, Jane uses her biracialism as a crutch, an excuse for what she eventually identifies as careless authorship.
Edited volumes include "The Politics of Biracialism," special issue of The Black Scholar (2009); "Transcending Traditions: Afro American, African and African Diaspora Studies," special issue of The Black Scholar (2000); and Colonial Discourse and Post-colonial Theory: A Reader (1993).
Eric Gary Anderson has argued that the writings of Native Southerners redefine that iteration of Southern identity marked by biracialism and Indian absence:
There is no indication that once free, these workers would refuse organization, or that the Union would be willing to extend membership to black or Mexican workers, despite the Knights of Labors' biracialism in Texas or its relative inclusivity nationwide.
In Faulkner's South, the fundamental biracialism of this new phase of U.
Ultimately, however, blacks found that they were unable to find a "just" biracialism.
Nor is this link between biracialism and bisexuality mere coincidence, as a figure like Heathcliff in Wuthering Heights might suggest; as Martha Nussbaum points out, "The dark-skinned gypsy Heathcliff is both male and, as double of Cathy, female.