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Noun1.birch tree - any betulaceous tree or shrub of the genus Betula having a thin peeling barkbirch tree - any betulaceous tree or shrub of the genus Betula having a thin peeling bark
Betula, genus Betula - a genus of trees of the family Betulaceae (such as birches)
birch - hard close-grained wood of any of various birch trees; used especially in furniture and interior finishes and plywood
Betula alleghaniensis, Betula leutea, yellow birch - tree of eastern North America with thin lustrous yellow or grey bark
American white birch, Betula cordifolia, Betula papyrifera, canoe birch, paper birch, paperbark birch - small American birch with peeling white bark often worked into e.g. baskets or toy canoes
American gray birch, American grey birch, Betula populifolia, gray birch, grey birch - medium-sized birch of eastern North America having white or pale grey bark and valueless wood; occurs often as a second-growth forest tree
Betula pendula, common birch, European white birch, silver birch - European birch with silvery white peeling bark and markedly drooping branches
Betula pubescens, downy birch, white birch - European birch with dull white to pale brown bark and somewhat drooping hairy branches
Betula nigra, red birch, river birch, black birch - birch of swamps and river bottoms throughout the eastern United States having reddish-brown bark
Betula lenta, black birch, cherry birch, sweet birch - common birch of the eastern United States having spicy brown bark yielding a volatile oil and hard dark wood used for furniture
Betula neoalaskana, Yukon white birch - Alaskan birch with white to pale brown bark
Betula fontinalis, mountain birch, swamp birch, water birch, Western birch, Western paper birch - birch of western United States resembling the paper birch but having brownish bark
American dwarf birch, Betula glandulosa, Newfoundland dwarf birch - small shrub of colder parts of North America and Greenland
tree - a tall perennial woody plant having a main trunk and branches forming a distinct elevated crown; includes both gymnosperms and angiosperms
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He goes right slap up to the foot of a birch tree, first pan, fills it with dirt, and washes out more'n a dollar coarse gold.
and he thought at the moment of a nice little Birch Tree growing out in the woods: to the Fir, that would be a real charming princess.
Flossie says he cut yours and his together on the birch tree in front of the parlour window, and a row of hearts around them.
Is the house standing still, and the birch trees, and our schoolroom?
At a little distance could be seen a cluster of log cabins, with a water-mill over a dammed pool shaded by birch trees and looking bright as glass in the twilight.
I know, but the different varieties that have now been introduced have taken the best bits of the native birch tree and improved them greatly.
We would also like to thank the Management and Team at Birch Tree Manor, Port Sunlight for their professionalism and kindness in caring for CYRIL during his final months.
Cllr Lionel Franklyn (Con, Bilton) planted a silver birch tree near a memorial stone at the site of the tragedy in The Heath, Dunchurch.
For instance,January is linked to birch trees,presumably because the sap of the birch tree starts to rise very early in the year,and May is linked to hawthorn blossom.
I thought, wow, as white birch tree bark, it's a beautiful tree; as a chair, it would be great,'' said Reherd.
Mr Whitehead, who retired in July after spending 14 years in the key role, planted a Silver Birch tree to commemorate his time and achievements at the college.
LUCKY ESCAPE: A sixty-foot silver birch tree was brought down in Aughton by Sunday morning's storm; RUBBLE: The gable end of a house collapsed in Bootle