bird's eye

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Noun1.bird's eye - Old World plant with axillary racemes of blue-and-white flowersbird's eye - Old World plant with axillary racemes of blue-and-white flowers
speedwell, veronica - any plant of the genus Veronica
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Pub snack brand BigD nuts has turned up the temperature even higher than its BigD babe Rosie Jones with a brand new flavour peanut of eye watering Bird's Eye chilli seasoning.
OLD and young alike can fly along to Solihull College for a bird's eye perspective on life.
In Tehachapi, the Tehachapi Resource Conservation District sells California poppy seeds and a mix of California poppy, golden yarrow, tidy tips and goldfield, which all grow in the Antelope Valley, along with mountain garland, blue flax, bird's eye gilia, California bluebells, perennial lupine, miniature lupine and Mexican campion.
Meltdown arrived yesterday for ice cream maker Bird's Eye Wall's which could be banned from insisting that shopkeepers only stock its own products.
There'll always be a Bird's Eye, but now food retailers will can order both the national brand and their store brands from the same source.
With Seamark Navigator, users quickly gain a bird's eye view of all the data that is relevant to them before intuitively navigating down to a bug's eye view of the specific information they need, giving them an organized and faceted, 360 degree view of the person, place or thing they are researching.
BEW currently restricts the launch of new superbrands beyond Bird's Eye and Wall's," said Lewis.
Bird's eye allows homebuyers to embark upon an interactive home search experience that empowers them to answer the all-important question, "What would it be like to live there?