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Noun1.Bird fancier - a person with a strong interest in birdsbird fancier - a person with a strong interest in birds
fancier, enthusiast - a person having a strong liking for something
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AHIGHLY-experienced bird fancier who acts as a judge at shows all over the country has been banned from keeping birds for a year.
Nick Sutton, prosecuting for the RSPCA, said: "He's a bird fancier and keeps pigeons and on his own evidence has been involved with birds all his life.
I'M not a bird fancier - that is not of the flying type - but I've often wondered, you hardly ever see a dead bird lying around, except by accident.
A BIRD fancier has been convicted for wearing nothing but a back-to-front thong as he fed pigeons.
The Department of Agriculture and Rural Development met earlier his week with representatives of 30 organisations, including producer associations, poultry companies, wild bird conservation organisations, retailers, veterinary associations, zoos, and pigeon and bird fancier societies.
Mr Oram believes that his father-in-law Percy Dabner, a famous 1930s bird fancier, sold Charlie to the politician at his Croydon pet shop in 1937, and later took the creature back after Sir Winston's death in 1965.
GUTTED: Bird fancier Bobby Scollins of Slatyford, whose parrots were stolen
RESTRAINING ORDER: Bird fancier Oliver Clarkson suffered two strokes while on remand for attacking his ex-wife.
Meanwhile, if you see a tall figure with a camera focusing on the sky, you will know that it's the Liver Bird fancier.
BIRD fancier Denis McKay was shell shocked - when the eggs he'd bought from a food counter hatched out.
A keen musician, the Earl commissioned an organ designed by Handel and, a bit of a bird fancier, he is credited with creating the present day pheasant by importing a Chinese variety in 1770.
A BIRD fancier who illegally trapped and caged 20 wild goldfinches was fined pounds 1,000 and ordered to carry out 120 hours of community service, the RSPCA said yesterday.