bird feed

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also bird feed  (bûrd′fēd′)
See birdfood.
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Noun1.bird feed - food given to birdsbird feed - food given to birds; usually mixed seeds
feed, provender - food for domestic livestock
canary seed - a mixture of seeds used to feed caged birds
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The Gardman Poppy Bird Feeder, along with the charity bird feed blends, is available in garden centres for a limited period at a time when birds struggle to find food.
5 billion in North America, according to the 2013 Wild Bird Feed Industry Research Foundation Benchmark Study.
ANORTHUMBERLAND farmer's wife has donated sacks of bird feed to Durham Cathedral after reading about a wildlife project at the monument in the Journal.
In a statement issued on Sunday, he said the provincial food department is in process to auction approximately 300,000 bags contained with rotten wheat with adequate arrangements for their use as animal and bird feed only.
But Tory councillor Jake Shropshire told a town meeting that the pesky pigeons could be kept to a low number by adding a special contraceptive to bird feed, the Daily Star reported.
Bird seeds have advanced greatly the past few years with so many different types available from your basic wild bird feed through to more specialised feeds such as woodland blends, hedgerow blends and nyger seeds.
Laboratory trials by researchers at the UAE University in Al Ain have discovered that both ground and treated date pits work as natural antibiotics when mixed with bird feed.
Tie 10-inch segments of string to the pine cone, stick, or apple, and then roll them in peanut butter and bird feed.
Approximately 90 percent of our bird feed customers are independent operators, with store sizes ranging from 10.
Nine out of 10 customers who came through the door purchased bird feed.
The pool usually turns rank and ugly in the summer when bird feed stimulates excessive growth of algae.
Suet, fruits, mealworms, nectar and water can help attract species of birds not normally seen with traditional bird feed seeds.