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n. Slang
A person regarded as silly or stupid.

bird′brained′ adj.
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Slang. Given to lighthearted silliness:
Informal: gaga.
Slang: dizzy.
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Yes, Guinness Records are meant to be quirky, but this one, quite frankly, is just birdbrained.
Worried onlookers gathered to watch the birdbrained beastbeing saved after it became tangled in wire above the McDonald's restaurant on the corner of Nun Street and Grainger Street in Newcastle city centre.
Twitter needs to be less birdbrained when it comes to finding a solution for dealing with trolls.
Incumbency gives politicians a grip on office that can be broken only by felony, illness, birdbrained words or votes, and term limits are needed to balance that staying power.
But when it comes to domestic fowl, the term birdbrained comes to mind.