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n. Slang
A person regarded as silly or stupid.

bird′brained′ adj.


informal a foolish or unintelligent person



n. Slang.
a stupid or scatterbrained person.
bird′brained`, bird′-brained`, adj.
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Noun1.birdbrain - a person with confused ideasbirdbrain - a person with confused ideas; incapable of serious thought
misfit - someone unable to adapt to their circumstances
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As he told Alain Peyrefitte in 1959, "Those who dream of integration are birdbrains, even the most brilliant of them.
When tutu-wearing toucans enter the picture, there's just too much fun in this hilarious story of birdbrains who get together for some hijinks while exploring variations that are just too much fun.
Three years ago Michael Buerk was so apoplectic about the BBC's dumbed-down coverage of the Queen's Jubilee he wrote an epic rant calling it "cringingly inept" because they put in front of the camera "pneumatic birdbrains, daytime airheads and vacuous D-list celebrities" like Tess Daly.
How about a new TV sitcom called Birdbrains Of A Feather?
BIRDBRAINS Canaries and Bluebirds players flock into an angry tussle on the Carrow Road pitch after Fer incident
That because of our insatiable need for food, oil, money, suvs, new houses, college educations for our children, swimming pools, Viagra, Vicodin, vodka, a better life, the other side of the road--that in our pursuit for what we often consider the finer things in life we run around like chickens with our heads cut off, listening to chickenhawks who promise a chicken in every pot and acting like birdbrains when we believe them.
Looks like pigeons aren't such birdbrains after all.