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bird watcher

or bird·watch·er also bird-watch·er (bûrd′wŏch′ər)
A person who observes and identifies birds in their natural surroundings.

bird watching n.
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Mr Holden, a keen birdwatcher, said: "We get a lot of migratory birds flying over the lighthouse, but I didn't expect to see the shrike - it was a dream come true.
Head chooses the latter approach for his debut, an intimate glimpse into the mind of the birdwatcher, of the dreams they pursue across some of Earth's most inhospitable terrain.
Birdwatcher Anand Arya says, "There are several ways to hold the reservoir even while replacing the barrage.
The birdwatcher has launched a petition calling on United Utilities to "pledge to neverLIVERPOOL uk kill Canada geese again", which has already gained more than 500 signatures online.
The actress, keen birdwatcher and RSPB patron finally heads north and sets out in search of puffins, otters and gannets on the island.
From building birdfeeders and nesting boxes to gardening to create an attractive bird habitat, The Audubon Backyard Birdwatcher is loaded with keys to creating a bird-friendly environment.
It's an endangered species," said British birdwatcher Oscar Campbell who is one of three members of the survey team.
Birdwatcher Sam Robins, 55, said: "No-one can remember who did the first painting, but I'm proud to say at least one of mine is on the wall.
But you never know and for the romantic birdwatcher such as my husband, the little brown birds may appear to be linnets, stonechats, pipits and goldcrests, but we can't be sure one might not just turn out to be a Icterine Warbler.
BIRDWATCHER Keith Jones's final wish to have some of his ashes left in old bird nests in the branches of trees has been carried out by friends.
The keen birdwatcher, from Pentwyn, Cardiff, who owns five guitars as well as a mandolin and a banjo, has worked as a driver for the Home Delivery Network, the UK's largest delivery and collection service, since 1981.
In contrast, being a bad birdwatcher, he says, brings a sense of richness and calm to one's everyday life.