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The resolution or splitting of a light wave into two unequally reflected or transmitted waves by an optically anisotropic medium such as calcite or quartz. Also called double refraction.

bi′re·frin′gent adj.


(General Physics) another name for double refraction
ˌbireˈfringent adj

dou′ble refrac′tion

the separation of a ray of light into two unequally refracted, plane-polarized rays of orthogonal polarizations, occurring in crystals in which the velocity of light rays is not the same in all directions. Also called birefringence.


double refraction; the separation of light into two unequally refracted, polarized rays, as by some crystals. — birefringent, adj.
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Noun1.birefringence - splitting a ray into two parallel rays polarized perpendicularlybirefringence - splitting a ray into two parallel rays polarized perpendicularly
refraction - the change in direction of a propagating wave (light or sound) when passing from one medium to another
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It should be noted that the study (57) has not considered the packing and cooling stages of the ICM in the development of the flow birefringence and also the contribution of the thermal birefringence into the total birefringence.
The spectral data from Tables 1 and 2 show both a decrease of the HPC solution birefringence and a small increase of the dispersion parameter from the violet to red in the visible range.
3] combined the birefringence measurements and wide-angle X-ray diffraction to observe a formation of an oriented precursor of the shish-kebab structure after short shearing of polydisperse i-PP in situ.
This "surprising" distortion, says Ruoff, shows up as a colorful effect called birefringence, in which light bends at different angles as it passes through the stressed material.
Building on the resin's enhanced birefringence, says GE Plastics, it has improved Lexan OQ1030L's particulate level and viscosity consistency, which, in turn, improves yield while meeting high technical requirements.
These new additions to our specialty fiber portfolio provide the same benefits our customers have demanded and come to expect in our telecom wavelength polarization maintaining fibers, including high birefringence, ease of optical alignment and unparalleled uniformity," said Dr.
These automated systems take the guesswork out of birefringence measurement and are used where fast, accurate results are required.
They present 11 chapters, covering scaling considerations, instabilities in dimensions and shape, dimensional accuracy in injection molding, birefringence (double refraction) modeling in optical discs, shrinkage of injection molded material, prediction of structure development in injection molded semicrystalline polymers, deformation of polycarbonate optical discs by water sorption and aging, microfluidics applications, micromolding, precision process control, and machine hardware.
Later topics include the optical Kerr effect of DNA oligomers and tRNA, the geometry of purple membranes in aqueous medium, electric birefringence of liquid crystalline polymers, and drying dissipative structures of colloidal dispersions.
Developed using the Ziegler polymerization process, APEL has a lower birefringence and the highest refractive index (1.
The practical import for designers is that a calcium fluoride lens will not focus properly without, at the very least, careful control of the light as it enters the lens and a design that accounts for this intrinsic birefringence.