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v. birled, birl·ing, birls
To cause (a floating log) to spin rapidly by rotating with the feet.
1. To participate in birling.
2. To spin.
A whirring noise; a hum.

[Blend of birr and whirl.]

birl′er n.


someone who participates in spinning or twirling


archaic someone who pours alcoholic drink
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Sema Birler who also managed to clone Turkey's first sheep along with her team in 2007.
Birler stated that they are planning to get mammals which they will use their milks for the production biophamiaceutks, a biologic medical product which is used as therapeutics to treat diseases.
Criticizing the problematic relations between the media, politics and especially intelligence authorities, Radikal columnist Oral EcalyE-lar spoke about a "journalist," Hayri Birler, who was actually a member of the National Intelligence Organization (MyT), adding that the media sides with whomever is strong, be it the army or politicians, in a given era.