birthday cake

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Noun1.birthday cake - decorated cake served at a birthday partybirthday cake - decorated cake served at a birthday party
cake - baked goods made from or based on a mixture of flour, sugar, eggs, and fat
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I make my dog's birthday cake -- a shaped mound of canned dog food topped with unlit candles.
The first birthday cake was originally a cake given as an offering on a person's birthday.
The birthday cake cutting ceremony will be cut at Naundero House, where Chairman will host an Iftar Party for Party leaders and workers from Larkana.
A New Jersey family was reportedly booted from a Las Vegas-bound flight over an argument over where to store a birthday cake.
Leicester's first league win for more than a month still wasn't enough to earn the players a piece of Claudio Ranieri's birthday cake.
Also, bite-sized birthday cake truffles feature cheeky sayings tucked into an artfully decorated box with messages such as 'You don't look a day over fabulous'.
A GIANT birthday cake will be presented to The Queen when she arrives in the city.
And Friends of Mirfield Library enjoyed a performance by Kirklees Music School Senior Strings and Choir, as well as a birthday cake drawing contest and children's fancy dress.
MALATYA (CyHAN)- National leader of Azerbaijan Heydar Aliyev's 93rd birthday was celebrated with birthday cake which is 93 meters long at an event organized by Azerbaijani students of Turkish university Malatya ynE[micro]nE-.
When Burleson High School students in Texas learned that their English teacher, Kyle Simpler, had not had a birthday cake in an entire decade, they took action.
WITH a regal wave to her adoring fans, Basi, the world's second oldest panda, tucks into birthday cake as she celebrated turning 35 yesterday.