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Noun1.birthday card - a card expressing a birthday greetingbirthday card - a card expressing a birthday greeting
greeting card - a card sent to express personal greetings
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Please take a few minutes out of your day and send John a birthday card.
There is undoubtedly a fun anticipation when opening a birthday card or a message in a bottle, so merging the two--and adding music and lights --is certainly an unforgettable way to send exceptional birthday wishes.
BIRTHDAY card designs stretching back to the 19th century are being published in a new gallery to mark the day when more people are born than any other time of year.
She said Mr Stewart also gave the pupil a "pink, child-like" birthday card that was signed "From Stewey".
As part of the celebrations at Anfield yesterday, the club unveiled a huge birthday card that contained messages from more than 7,500 Reds fans from 130 countries worldwide.
Tanya added: "We're having a superhero birthday for her and I've been doing a birthday card appeal to try and make it extra special.
Even though he refused a birthday card from the queen, he is not a staunch Republican and said that he "won't hear a word against" the queen and added "I admire her enormously.
PEN International has written up an action alert ; they note "You can tweet your messages using the #NajiBirthday hashtag, or you can send a letter or birthday card to lianna.
The post continued: "I am asking you, my Facebook family, if you could possibly find it in your heart to send him a birthday card.
ON buying a birthday card for a friend, as it was not the standard size I took it to be checked to see how much it would cost to post.
A Birthday Card Competition has also been arranged among the students in this connection and approximately 8,000 entries have been received from over 700 different schools from all over Pakistan.
First and second class ON Saturday, December 14, I received a birthday card for my birthday on December 6.