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 (bī′sĕkt′, bī-sĕkt′)
v. bi·sect·ed, bi·sect·ing, bi·sects
To cut or divide into two parts, especially two equal parts.
To split; fork.

bi·sec′tion n.
bi·sec′tion·al adj.
bi·sec′tion·al·ly adv.


relating to division into two equal parts
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Adj.1.bisectional - of or relating to bisectionbisectional - of or relating to bisection    
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Support for disruptive networking technologies: Supports technologies required for bisectional bandwidth scaling such as MLAG, SPB, TRILL, data center bridging, at data centers and interconnects.
Sectional approach; this approach is based on the bisectional economic thought (core and margin sections).
Schwartz advances to play Leominster in a bisectional game at 7:30 p.
Stefanou also clarified that the primary goal of Cyprus' diplomatic missions was the "attainment of a solution to the Cyprus problem that will lead to the end of occupation and the reunification of Cyprus as a bizonal, bisectional federation based on the relevant UN resolutions.
The constitutional founders "were more concerned with devising institutions that would facilitate bisectional agreements on slavery policy than with determining the substance of those agreements in advance.
A densely packaged switching solution that provides up to twenty-four 10Gbps InfiniBand ports, up to eight 30Gbps ports, or a combination of the two, in only 1U of rack space, the InfinIO 9024 delivers up to 480Gbps of non-blocking, full bisectional bandwidth (FBB) in less space than a single traditional rack-mounted server.