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n. pl. bis·tou·ries
A long, narrow surgical knife for minor incisions.

[French bistouri, perhaps from Italian dialectal bistori, from bistorino, of Pistoia, from Latin Pistōrium, Pistoia.]


n, pl -ries
(Surgery) a long surgical knife with a narrow blade
[C15: from Old French bistorie dagger, of unknown origin]
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With the left index finger on the pericardium as a guide an incision into the pericardium was made with a bistoury, the finger inserted, and the apex of the heart felt.
a little bistoury or scimitar blade is often requisite to enlarge the opening of the cornea.
Miss Bistoury is as strange a young woman as can be found, and the devil's generosity surpasses all expectations ("The Generous Gambler").