bit map

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or bit map  (bĭt′măp′)
n. Computers
A set of bits that represents a graphic image, with each bit or group of bits corresponding to a pixel in the image.

bit′ map`

a piece of text, a drawing, etc., represented, as on a computer display, by the activation of certain dots in a rectangular matrix of dots.
bit′-mapped`, adj.
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Windows CE model had a better option for bit map caching.
According to TeleGeography's GlobalComms database LAP Green acquired a 69% stake in Uganda Telecom (UTL) in April 2007 and six months later acquired an 80% interest in Rwandatel for USD100 million, beating rival offers from the likes of Vodacom, Celtel (now part of the Zain Group), V-Tel Holdings of Jordan, Bit Map (Singapore) and Rwanda\'s R-Com.
Take the raw bit map that scanning generates, open it up in your image editing software, crop it, make it look presentable, and then choose the Save As function (or similar), and save your photo as a jpg.
Query flexibility and the ability to perform index scans efficiently, as well as good selectivity from a combination of predicates in a where clause, means that a bit map index is useful in a data warehouse.
New Transactional Bit Map Indexing helps with complex queries with nonstandard data types such as graphics, images, DNA sequences, microarrays and time series data.
This product allows the merchant to affix a bit map of a customer's signature to a document.
Once captured the image may be printed, shared with others or saved as a bit map or jpeg file.
Once captured, the image may be printed or saved as a bit map (".
The processing includes Pioneer's Bit Map Expander for compressed audio files to fill in the areas of music that are missing after compression.
Singles: Robbie Williams Sexed Up, Blazin Squad Flip Reverse, Kylie Minogue Slow, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club We'reAll In Love, Johnny Cash Hurt, Luther Vandross Dance With My Father, Goldfrapp Twist, Clarkesville Heavy Soul, Wildhearts Top Of The World, Matt GossI'm Comin With Ya, Jet Roll Over DJ, The Desert Sessions Queens Of The Stone Age Crawl Home, Hundred Reasons Great Test, Bit Map Black Arts In The Town Hall EP, Kinobe Party Animals.
High performance analytics for data warehousing has been around for years, but the poor update performance of the bit map indexes used in warehousing applications has made them unusable in transaction processing environments
Vanguard's sound is derived from 1956 and 1957 recording sessions, and it is mostly excellent, very clear, very nicely delineated, thanks to Super Bit Map remastering.