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or bitch·en  (bĭch′ən)
adj. Slang
Excellent; first-rate.

[Alteration of bitching, from (son of a) bitch.]


(ˈbɪtʃɪn) or


wonderful or excellent
extremely: bitchin' good.
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Anyhoo, the other night a bunch of us went to this cool club and there was this bitchen DJ who was kind of cute and I was feeling it until she segued from Lupe Fiasco into Buckcherry - I mean, who does that?
Known for her comic books and related surly drawings, artist Katie Pell was in top form when she topped off her recent residency at Artpace San Antonio with an installation called Bitchen (2006).
I've had people tell me all about their bitchen set-up from their middle school days, but when asked if they're still skating, I seem to get a lot of "Nawws" or "Just to the liquor store" type answers.