(bĭch′slăp′) Vulgar Slang
The act of slapping someone who is weaker or less powerful, as the slapping of a woman prostitute by a pimp.
tr.v. bitch·slapped, bitch·slap·ping, bitch·slaps
To slap (someone who is weaker or less powerful).
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However, the biz bitchslap would be heard loud and clear when "the player finds that suddenly all demand has ceased among the regular line filmmakers.
Guns icon Axl Rose adds a flicker interest to (Love Is) A Bitchslap but that's good as it gets.
Bitchslap (Cavern Club, Mathew Street) tomorrow, 9pm.
The limply honorable intentions of white liberals, in particular, receive a bracing bitchslap.
We don't learn who said, "Suzanne, this is a Broadway show," thus denying the audience the chance to chase down that criminal and bitchslap them to the ground with an old Thighmaster.
Meanwhile, Taiwanese intelligence agent Su (Li) shimmies down the outer wall of a high-rise and bitchslaps Fait's contact into submission, extracting details of the score and calling cops to intervene.