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The 54-year-old star told her: "You said you weren't going to be bitchy and you're being bitchy.
Boy George, 54, blasted: "You said you weren't going to be bitchy, and you're being bitchy.
Being such an acclaimed artist I thought she would be above the bitchy comments and catfights.
Melbourne, June 28 ( ANI ): If a person looks sad or angry for no apparent reason, then chances are that they may be suffering from a condition that has been termed as bitchy resting face (BRF).
I don't want them ever reading anything like that about me in the press, having bitchy fights with other women.
BITCHY old fashion queen Karl Lagerfeld is at it again.
He's been tasked with organising a staff away day for his colleagues, who include on-off girlfriend Molly (Emma Bell), best friends Peter (Miles Fisher) and Nathan (Arlen Escarpeta), sleazy Isaac (P J Byrne) and Olivia (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood), the obligatory sexy, bitchy one.
Richards told BBC 6 Music his bandmates had given the recently published book, called Life, good reviews but Jagger had said it was "a bit bitchy here and there".
She overcomes a bitchy adversary AND she gets a cracking new pair of shoes.
Amanda consoles herself with writing poems and with her two best friends until the next candidate arrives on the scene: bitchy girl's boyfriend soon has her engaged in secret hot and heavy make-out sessions.
Best of these are the poignant ballad If You're Not Back In Love By Monday, the sexy All The Way Lover and the title track Feelin' Bitchy with its decidedly X-rated dialogue.
Even so, one bitchy joke after another sailed by without provoking so much as a giggle.