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Noun1.bitumastic - a protective coating of asphalt and filter used on structural metals that are exposed to weathering
coating, coat - a thin layer covering something; "a second coat of paint"
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Limited Tenders are invited for Bitumastic Sealing Compound
The 36" pressure water main in Philadelphia had a 1/4" bitumastic liner on it.
Hebburn alone has lost famous names such as Bitumastic, Pyrotanex, Whites Marines, Leslies, Palmers and Reyrolle.
They originated from London and Reg had a business called Bitumastic Bonded Felt Roofing, in the 1960s.
This added leading brand Wailes Dove Bitumastic to Spencer's product range.
Spencer Coatings has also acquired Pearl Paints's leading brand Wailes Doves Bitumastic.
Galvanised containers are fine if you paint them first with black bitumastic paint to seal in the zinc - essential if you want fish and plants.
Wrapped in a bitumastic waterproof membrane to prevent moisture escaping, the walls are insulated and protected externally with a silicone rainscreen render.
Cold-set coatings, sprayed on and left to dry, include epoxy, vinyl ester, urethane and, in some cases, bitumastic and asphaltic materials.