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Very strange or unusual, especially in a striking or shocking way. See Synonyms at fantastic.

[French, from Italian bizzarro, extravagant, bizarre, from Old Italian, angry; akin to bizza, fit of anger, perhaps of Germanic origin.]

bi·zarre′ly adv.
bi·zarre′ness n.
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Noun1.bizarreness - strikingly out of the ordinarybizarreness - strikingly out of the ordinary  
strangeness, unfamiliarity - unusualness as a consequence of not being well known
References in classic literature ?
Her assumption of equality with him was disconcerting, and at times he half-consciously resented the impudence and bizarreness of her intrusion upon him--rising out of the sea in a howling nor'wester, fresh from poking her revolver under Ericson's nose, protected by her gang of huge Polynesian sailors, and settling down in Berande like any shipwrecked sailor.
The other film which has had to face bizarreness of this order is the Sonam Kapoor- Dhanush- starrer Raanjhanaa ( 2013).
The bizarreness is further visible in the way the ruling party and the military have managed this crisis and in the statements they have made about it.
The theory maintains that the bizarreness of hypnosis is simply due to the executive decision-making function of the individual being to some degree taken over and directed by the hypnotist--almost as a mild form of possession.
Adam Johnson's essay "Scavengers'' in Granta captures the inexpressible bizarreness of North Korea.
It was the bizarreness of the violence," says Joseph.
It is because of its bizarreness," commented Tamador Alyami, a Saudi writer and blogger.
It usually also lacks the bizarreness that can make the contemporary art world's priciest corners seem like alcoves of the theater of the absurd.
These subtle yet important signs of schizophrenia are virtually nonexistent in malingered psychosis and are instead replaced by the perceived bizarreness of schizophrenia's positive symptoms (Resnick, 1984; Resnick & Knoll, 2005).
AS WORLD Cup frenzy reaches fever pitch (although not at Chez Collins) my sports colleagues around the globe are limbering up for the bizarreness and banality of the post-match press conference.
Only in the bizarreness of the circus is there a living contrast between terror and innocence.
Half the stadium is unfinished at the moment apparently which will add to the bizarreness of the situation.