black alder

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black alder

1. A Eurasian alder tree (Alnus glutinosa) that grows in wet soil and is naturalized in parts of North America.

black′ al′der

1. a holly, Ilex verticillata, of E and midwestern North America, bearing red fruit that remains through early winter.
2. a European alder, Alnus glutinosa, having a gray bark and sticky foliage.
črna jelša
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Lenson Panda was sent off the 4-9 favourite for the first semi but, for once, mistimed the start from the inside trap as Black Alder broke fast from the middle and led up from Toolmaker Scot and Skywalker Archie.
Other species are black alder, grey alder, aspen, ash, and oak groves.
This study was designed to determine some physical and mechanical properties of laminated veneer lumber (LVL) made of black alder (Alnus glutinosa).
The best of the catch is hand-picked, then carefully smoked over fires of black alder wood from local forests.
Black alder and grey alder (Alnus incana) grow in northern Europe and western Siberia.
Some common nurse-tree species are black locust, black alder, autumn olive, bicolor lespedeza, and indigo bush.
54sec from Brendan O'Shea's Crossfield Max as he flew in heat seven and won by five lengths from Melodys Speed, who is trained by Declan Byrne for Paul Young, The night opened on a big note as the Ian Reilly-trained Hee Haws Sheriff raced into a substantial lead before winning by seven lengths from Black Alder in 28.
Fast growing tree species yielding high-quality timber that is in higher commercial demand are preferred on mining spoil areas; these are usually silver birch and black alder [2].
Hardwood species include white ash, green ash, red oak, white oak, black locust, black alder, Shumard oak, cherrybark oak, sweet gum, willow, and sycamore.
Turner was dining with his trainer Paul Hennessy and their partners in the restaurant and was delighted as Jaytee Dutch accelerated impressively to pass Black Alder at the third bend before opening a winning margin of over five lengths over Black Alder.
In June 2002 randomly five (10 x 10)-m sample quadrates in Scots pine, black alder and naturally recovered stands in reforested opencasts were chosen to estimate stand productivity.

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