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This may account for the popularity of Phyllostachys nigra, the black bamboo.
Another, the Secret Garden, planted with black bamboo, has long tables for reading.
London, Sept 26 ( ANI ): US fast food giant Burger King has a new addition for its Japanese franchise - black bamboo and squid ink burger.
To screen the back of the yard, Antonio grew his own "fence," buying five black bamboo plants, each in a isgallon pot, from Instant Jungle Bamboo & Palm Nursery in Cotati, CA (instant junglenorcal.
Coloured canes look exceptional at this time of year, whether you select the golden yellow canes of phyllostachys vivax aureocaulis (bamboo) or the legendary midnight black bamboo, phyllostachys nigra, neither will disappoint.
Black bamboo basket, pounds 29, BoConcept Sophia Loren side chair,pounds 182, www.
Expert tip: The young stems of black bamboo, Phyllostachys nigra, start green and gradually turn black in the sun.
Phyllostachys nigra, black bamboo, which reaches a height of 5m (16ft), is a brilliant clump-forming type - with arching canes which turn black after a couple of years - and looks wonderful in a modern, minimalist setting.
Actor Colin Firth's vehicle features a stately and sleek black exterior color with black bamboo interior accents
A rectilinear sushi bar, encased in black bamboo and embedded terrazzo, contrasts with the curving fluidity of abaca panels and their translucent forms, while a white bamboo proscenium forms a theatrical backdrop for the sushi chefs at work.
Annieglass' introductions will include its Black Bamboo glass trays, inspired by its Slab pattern.