black stork

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: stork - Old World stork that is glossy black above and white below
stork - large mostly Old World wading birds typically having white-and-black plumage
Ciconia, genus Ciconia - type genus of the Ciconiidae: European storks
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THE Black Stork is a bird that has been seen in Wales fewer than a dozen times ever, so it's not surprising that its arrival over Conwy Castle on Tuesday last week was greeted by dozens of noisy, mobbing gulls.
An announcement from the convention's secretariat said that 100 CITES-listed species live in Lebanon, including the red fox, jungle cat, dalmatian pelican, black stork, greater flamingo, Eurasian spoonbill, common jackal, common wolf and wild cat.
Savour delicious cuisine and excellent wines; spot the black stork and white-spotted deer and ramble along a stunning coastline.
Birds like Northern Shoveler, Northern Pintail, Ruddy Shelduck, Red-Crested Pochard, Common Mergansar, Black Stork, Purple Heron and Indian Cormorant are some of the migratory birds that flock to the lake.
de/en where videos of the shooting down of a Black Stork, confiscation of birds and a hunter recovering 2 dead Marsh Harriers can also be seen.
This week last year saw a black stork on the Alaw estuary, Anglesey, which drew in hundreds of birders.
Other exotic birds reported include a black stork, a purple heron, more than 30 hoopoes, several European bee-eaters, red-rumped swallows and subalpine warblers.
Hematologic, protein electrophoresis, serum biochemistry, and cholinesterase values were determined in 36 free-living black stork nestlings (Ciconia nigra) between 25 and 53 days of age to establish normal reference values for this population.
The black stork, black vulture, and endangered Spanish imperial eagle, of which only 130 pairs remain worldwide, are among the 42 species of birds that depend on the cork woodlands.
Reserves were created to save critical habitat for endangered species such as the Siberian tiger, saiga antelope, Russian desman and black stork.
Cork oak forests are home to some of Europe's most fantastic birds such as the endangered Spanish imperial eagle, the black vulture and the black stork.
The increased use of plastic corks is threatening several of the world's rarest birds, such as the black stork, the black vulture and the Spanish imperial eagle.