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a. A small warbler (Sylvia atricapilla) of Eurasia and Africa, the male of which is gray with a black crown.
b. Any of various other black-crowned birds, such as the chickadee.


1. (Animals) a brownish-grey Old World warbler, Sylvia atricapilla, the male of which has a black crown
2. (Animals) any of various similar birds, such as the black-capped chickadee (Parus atricapillus)
3. (Plants) US a popular name for raspberry3
4. (Law) Brit (formerly) the cap worn by a judge when passing a death sentence



1. any of various small songbirds having a black crown.
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Noun1.blackcap - raspberry native to eastern North America having black thimble-shaped fruitblackcap - raspberry native to eastern North America having black thimble-shaped fruit
raspberry - red or black edible aggregate berries usually smaller than the related blackberries
raspberry, raspberry bush - woody brambles bearing usually red but sometimes black or yellow fruits that separate from the receptacle when ripe and are rounder and smaller than blackberries
2.blackcap - small black-headed European gullblackcap - small black-headed European gull  
sea gull, seagull, gull - mostly white aquatic bird having long pointed wings and short legs
genus Larus, Larus - type genus of the Laridae
3.blackcap - chickadee having a dark crownblackcap - chickadee having a dark crown  
chickadee - any of various small grey-and-black songbirds of North America
4.blackcap - small brownish-grey warbler with a black crown
Old World warbler, true warbler - small active brownish or greyish Old World birds
genus Silvia, Silvia - type genus of the Sylviidae: warblers
curruca capirotada


[ˈblækkæp] N (Orn) → cucurra f capirotada
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they were all there during the last two years' reunions): Agincourt, Albion, Arethusa, Ark Royal, Bacchante, Blackcap, Bronington, Collingwood, Decoy, Devonshire, Diamond, Dolphin, Eskimo, Gambia, Glamorgan, Jutland, Leander, Mauritius, Newcastle, Penelope, Sirius, St George, Tiger, Urchin, Ursa, Warrior, Zest and oh so many more.
RE: HMS Blackcap, Royal Naval Air Station, Stretton, 1942-1958.
1m birds from 80 different species, ranging from the common blackbird to the more unusual blackcap.
The melodic song of the Blackcap is now common in woods and parks.
Although I've seen chiffchaff and blackcap in the last week, both could be winter arrivals from the Continent, though the three different dragonfly species I saw on Sunday were surprisingly late.
The split that the researchers observed followed the recent establishment of a migratory divide between southwest- and northwest-migrating blackcap populations in Central Europe after humans began offering food to them in the winter.
The bare branches of trees make it easier to see what's visiting our gardens, and this month you might spot a blackcap hopping among shrubs looking for berries.
Sandra, a financial customer services agent, who lives in Blackcap Close, Ayton, said: "It was lovely.
April birding brings winter and spring migrants side-byside, such as Blackcap and Brambling in the same ringing net in Bangor this week.
Last year more than 25,000 people in Wales took part and half a million birds from 60 species were spotted, ranging from the common blackbird to the more unusual blackcap.
And on a "Green" list of safer birds which have declined by fewer than 25% or are stable or increasing, we find birds like the blackcap and the coot.
Blackcap has shown the smallest increase in the North East of all the English regions.