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Adj.1.blackish-brown - of brown tinged with blackblackish-brown - of brown tinged with black    
chromatic - being or having or characterized by hue
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Bizenware is known for its distinctive reddish-to blackish-brown color.
However, callus cultured in 200 and 300 mM NaCl turn blackish-brown and stiff and acutely-necrotic.
They get orange on the bottom instead of green, and the purple tops get almost blackish-brown.
Look for adult eagles to have a blackish-brown back and breast, a white head, neck, and tail, and yellow feet and beak.
The most colorful of all penguins, they have silvery-grey backs with blackish-brown heads and striking orange ear patches.
Made in the usual soy sauce to give it that perfect blackish-brown look, it was garnished with boiled eggs and chunks of juicy pineapple for a great preparation.
Originating from the north of the Tongchuan-Ordos Basin of Shaanxi province, northeastern China, and having taken shape during the Late Middle Triassic, the Yan'an oil shale is a large inland lacustrine deposit, which has an obvious shaly structure, with a loose texture and blackish-brown color.
Occiput and postocular portions of genae, pronotum (except lower portions of lateral lobes), tegmina and all other portions of body shining blackish-brown (except whitish markings on episterna described above and last two sternites of females which are greenish); tegminal pads do not surpass the second abdominal tergite.
Pleural and ventral surfaces brownish-grey, dull, genital segments blackish-brown, shining.
Carapace covered with blackish-brown and small golden, curved hair; hair more concentrated along interstrial ridges, intermixed with few black bristles on caput.
Neoregelia concentrica with its broad pale green leaves, heavily blotched with purple and blackish-brown markings and accentuated by long black spines, grows from sea level to 800 meter altitude in rainforests and also on and near rocks in the state of Rio de Janeiro.