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A list of persons or organizations that have incurred disapproval or suspicion or are to be boycotted or otherwise penalized.
tr.v. black·list·ed, black·list·ing, black·lists
To place on or as if on a blacklist.

black′list′er n.


someone who blacklists
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However, it will not be easy to do that, as another Blacklister will also be in the fray to become the owner of the 'Fulcrum'.
And last week it was sensationally revealed McAlpine even paid blacklister Ian Kerr's PS5,000 fine and legal costs for breaching data protection laws.
SHADOW OF RED follows these five and uses interviews, personal correspondence, FBI reports and more to examine blacklister history and politics.
Meanwhile, Liz will have to take Red's help to catch one of the feared blacklister of all.
Meanwhile, Red will also find himself under-attack from the most feared blacklister of all.