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A dark, very thick molasses, especially a residual product of sugar refining that is used in the manufacture of industrial alcohol and as an ingredient in cattle feed.

[From its color and texture.]


1. a kind of port wine
2. a drink made of a mixture of rum and treacle
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That inventiveness is on display in dishes like Fried Green Tomato Caprese, Carolina Caviar + Crab (zucchini pylons stuffed with sweet potato hoppin' john and blue crab) and Pork + Pancakes (all-natural Duroc pork chop, butternut squash johnny cakes, wilted spinach, blackstrap molasses butter).
Blackstrap molasses industry is one of the oldest industries in Egypt.
Contract Awarded for New Campground Development - Blackstrap Provincial Park
Some people add a little blackstrap molasses or even concentrated grape juice to encourage them to drink.
Sources of iron include: soybeans, lentils, blackstrap molasses, kidney beans, chickpeas, black-eyed peas, Swiss chard, tempeh, black beans, tahini, peas, bulghur, bok choy, raisins, watermelon, millet, kale .
It's a big 11% imperial stout, made with a dense concentration of malt, together with generous quantities of brewer's licorice and blackstrap molasses, vanilla bean and cherry bark.
On January 4, they found Dorothy's body near Blackstrap Lake, south of Saskatoon, in a man-made tunnel.
There's even a bit of sulfur-y blackstrap molasses nipping around the edges of the palate and a faint prune bass note.
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FATIGUE: BLACKSTRAP MOLASSES Ongoing fatigue can have many causes, so it needs a physician's diagnosis and care.
In the semitropical climate of Florida, when composted broiler litter (to improve the water-holding capacity of Florida's sandy soil) and heavy blackstrap molasses were incorporated as substrate, anaerobic soil disinfestation treatments provided good control of nutsedge and excellent control of grasses, broadleaf weeds, Phytophthora capsici and Fusarium oxysporum f.
While flavors are important, Cruzan also has Light, Dark, 151, Blackstrap and Single Barrel rums as well as 11 flavors, and their challenge now is to expand consumer awareness and sampling of the brand.