blacktail deer

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black-tailed deer

 (blăk′tāld′) also black·tail deer (-tāl′)
A mule deer of Pacific coastal regions having a black tail.
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Noun1.blacktail deer - mule deer of western Rocky Mountainsblacktail deer - mule deer of western Rocky Mountains
burro deer, mule deer, Odocoileus hemionus - long-eared deer of western North America with two-pronged antlers
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Although blacktail deer aren't huge, this bullet still penetrated an estimated 45 inches of heavy muscle, bone, stomach, vital organs, and more bone before stopping.
The area offers beautiful views of Ukiah and Lake County, pockets of old-growth fir, several types of oak, willows, more than 31 miles of stream, 13 reservoirs, and habitat for blacktail deer, bear, wild turkey and others.
Favorite Animal to Hunt: Mountain Goat and Sitka Blacktail Deer
SPRINGFIELD - A blacktail deer and her two fawns were found dead near Springfield on Monday, and Oregon State Police are looking for whoever is responsible.
All of Hawaii's hunting is for non-native animals, with the menu including axis and blacktail deer, European mouflon, and feral sheep, goats and pigs, along with exotic game birds.
I was to hunt blacktail deer and harlequin ducks--which have both been on my bucket list forever--and the doc said he could think of nothing that would detract more from the overall enjoyment of the trip than becoming bear scat.
You could buy a mule deer or blacktail deer mount, though, because they're not native to Massachusetts.
Future events include a blacktail deer hunt scheduled for northern California in August, and an elk hunt scheduled for Colorado in October.
I was happy with them and spent countless hours glassing across canyons and flats looking for blacktail deer, black bear and other wildlife.
Besides tule elk, you might spot blacktail deer, wild turkeys, ospreys, or mergansers--maybe even a black bear or a mountain lion.
On the old logging roads was a blacktail deer, and flying overhead were bald eagles, crows, and other birds.
In the north end of Yellowstone, the Blacktail Deer Plateau stretches before the eyes as a wilderness of rolling prairie land, dotted by small stands of trees.