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also black·ie  (blăk′ē)
n. pl. black·ies Offensive
Used as a disparaging term for a black person.
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Like Jack steals the golden egg, or the little pigs are called browny, whitey and blacky, which is racist," explains Rajlakshmee.
Farmtropolis Cert PG BLACKY the sheep is obsessed with going to the moon.
Often joined by our cousins Ves, Ada, Eric and Jack, we'd all be packed on to the cart like sardines on a plate, Blacky the horse galloping along, uncle whistling and holding the reins.
So I'll take one of those Bitte Kai Rand bow belts, one pair of those Blacky Dress Berlin leather pants and one of everything from Summum Woman please
When you have the experience of people like Blacky (Steve Black), it really is.
A fourth suitor bought her a big cat - a panther which she called Blacky - and several horses.
They tell the story of Blacky, a parent and regular guy about town, as he observes and reflects on everyday life in the city.
The princess's horse is hilariously named Frimplepants, and its alter ego is named Blacky, exactly what a 6-year-old might choose.
Doubles from Gavin Clews and Michael Thurlow, in addition to a strike from Jason Ferry, saw them narrowly defeat their visitors - a Jack Best brace and singles from Lee Brown and Craig Willis the consolation for Blacky Mill.
But young Blacky believed it, and made it quite clear he was appalled by that name because it was breaking with royal tradition.
Pierre Lcdent offers an exclusive range of high gloss, heart-shaped chocolates in eight exquisite colours and a variety of mouthwatering fillings for him and for her; from the stunning bright red Kir Royal, oozing a delicious champagne-raspberry ganache, to the rich, sleek Blacky heart filled with Remy Martin cognac.