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He's had so many blank cartridges fired into his ears that he's stone deaf.
It was in this trying situation, exposed to a galling fire of blank cartridges, and harassed by the operations of the military, a fresh body of whom had begun to fall in on the opposite side, that Mr.
He carries a silly little pop-gun loaded with blank cartridges.
What Little Toomai liked was to scramble up bridle paths that only an elephant could take; the dip into the valley below; the glimpses of the wild elephants browsing miles away; the rush of the frightened pig and peacock under Kala Nag's feet; the blinding warm rains, when all the hills and valleys smoked; the beautiful misty mornings when nobody knew where they would camp that night; the steady, cautious drive of the wild elephants, and the mad rush and blaze and hullabaloo of the last night's drive, when the elephants poured into the stockade like boulders in a landslide, found that they could not get out, and flung themselves at the heavy posts only to be driven back by yells and flaring torches and volleys of blank cartridge.
It is like sending your child to war with blank cartridges.
Limited Tenders are invited for Procurement Ofbird Whistlers, Bomb And 6Mm Blank Cartridges
Without reading it I would not have known that the one-legged Sarah Bernhardt had played Strasbourg Cathedral in Eugene Morand's Les Cathedrales at the London Coliseum (7) or that the armament manufacturers benefited not only from increased demand for ammunition, but also for blank cartridges to use in the theatre (224).
The launcher uses standard military blank cartridges readily available and fairly inexpensive.
In order to find the best explosive charge for this study, we recharged some blank cartridges with 0.
Al-Quds and al-Hayat al-Jadida reported that Israeli settlers pelted Palestinian-registered vehicles with stones and fired at them using blank cartridges near Nahalin town to the west of Bethlehem.
And he pleaded guilty to four charges relating to the possession of several items including a firearm magazine and blank cartridges.
The Turkish Foreign Ministry has demanded an explanation from Egyptian authorities following reports claiming that pistols that fire blank cartridges were seized from a container arriving from Turkey.