blast away

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w>blast away

vi (with gun) → drauflosschießen or -ballern (inf); (radio, rock band etc)dröhnen
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Ryan continued to blast away and finished off the contest after 1min 54secs of round seven with Bryan's battered face looking a mess.
You have to slip through an earthquake in the time continuum to enter a series of 3D worlds and blast away oncoming armies.
And experts warn the combined firm's extra firepower will blast away many smaller rivals.
And in the Dutchman's expert view United will blast away all foes on their way to a fifth Premiership title.
Some car makers are considering abandoning conventional wipers and using a compressor system which blows hot air on to windscreens to blast away rainwater, ice and snow.
Last year Disney also added a virtual reality version of its famous Pirates of the Caribbean ride, in which patrons act as captain and cannoneers to blast away at other ships in a quest for treasure.
As players explore the various levels, incinerators, grenade launchers and pulse rifles are just a few of the 12 different weapons and pick-ups used to blast away enemies.
Drawn right next to the inside rail on the turning 6f track, Mark Johnston's charge is expected to blast away and make full use of her stamina - tactics which work so well with so many of the stable's horses.
An intense, ultrashort pulse of laser light can blast away a solid's surface.
TOMORROW is the Glorious 12th of August, the day when the aristocracy, generally the descendants of Norman hoodlums, take to the moors and blast away at grouse.
Pictures posted on the group's website show rows of men lying face down in trenches while their executioners blast away.
There are now no reserve cars left but it's hoped a full grid of 56 will make it to the start on June 14, when the 29 prototypes and 27 GTs blast away at 3pm BST.