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Although larval growth likely depends to some degree on environmental factors, according to Hopkins (1937) working in California, the larva spends 2 days as a zygote, Day 1 as a blastula, and Day 2 as a gastrula.
The pockmarked spherical body and pointy-petaled seedpod in Aurlia Gouthroii Blastula and Aurlia Gouthroii Blastula (Detail) are decidedly more sinister in ambience.
25, 10, and 24 hpf, as well as exposures in blastula (2.
Each test concentration had 2 or 4 replicates per concentration with 20 added embryos at small cell blastula stage to each dish.
Kryptolebias marmoratus embryos were tested for susceptibility to hygromycin B under various concentrations prior to the late blastula stage of development.
The present decade saw the emergence of the "morulas," works made of many layers of fabrics, reproducing the image of masses of cells resulting from the cleavage of the ovum before the formation of a blastula.
there are individuals who believe that such takes place prior to the blastula stage and much stem-cell research, therefore, constitutes an insult to their beliefs.
In this context the (almost) anaerobic metabolism at blastula stage embryo could reflect the existence of multi-cellular organisms in the deep anoxic Earth while the transition to aerobic metabolism at gastrula could be related to the evolution towards tridermic organisms around 2 billion years ago.
Important developmental processes observed included cleavage, formation of a blastula, epiboly, gastrulation, neurulation, organogenesis, and hatching.
Additionally, half the subjects were treated from blastula stage to hatching only, while the second half were treated beginning at hatching for the duration of the experiment.
The first observation was of the early blastula, which was located at the animal pole.
On the other hand, if the oncogene inserts into one of the cells of a mouse blastula, the resulting mouse will be a genetic mosaic, containing the gene in some of its cells and not in others.