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He blathered on for a few minutes about mental toughness,making each Test ground a fortress and team preparation etc - all the usual cliches that every sports commentator uses, whatever the sport - but, eventually, he just gave up and said that the team which plays the best cricket will win.
If anything, there was too much to do, from shopping for cool collectables and meeting some of the amazing local and international artists, to hanging with some surprisingly down to earth celebs such as Warwick Davis and Samwise Gamjee from Lord of the Rings, to attending some of the inspiring workshops or just chilling at the bar as that loud mouth Max Landis chap blathered on.
Wright smashed a stonking 99 just a few hours after Kiwi Brendan McCullum had blathered one of the great T20 tons and now it's over to Sri Lanka, South Africa, Australia and the Windies to follow that.