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(blîr′ē-īd′) also blear-eyed (blîr′īd′)
1. With eyes blurred or reddened, as from exhaustion or lack of sleep.
2. Dull of mind or perception.
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Adj.1.blear-eyed - tired to the point of exhaustionblear-eyed - tired to the point of exhaustion  
tired - depleted of strength or energy; "tired mothers with crying babies"; "too tired to eat"
References in classic literature ?
bootblacks, thimble-riggers, street arabs, beggars, the blear-eyed beggars, thieves, the weakly, vagabonds, merchants, sham soldiers, goldsmiths, passed masters of pickpockets, isolated thieves.
On Thursday morning he got up very late and dragged himself, blear-eyed and sallow, into his sitting-room to see if there were any letters.
Limp, after taking a draught, placed his flat hands together and pressed them hard between his knees, looking down at them with blear-eyed contemplation, as if the scorching power of Mrs.
The older man, gaunt, blear-eyed, ragged, turned over on his side.
He remembered the days when some of the old men, still alive, had been born; and, unlike him, they were now decrepit, shaken with palsy, blear-eyed, toothless of mouth, deaf of ear, or paralysed.
A blear-eyed ancient stood before him, balancing on a single crutch.