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adj. blear·i·er, blear·i·est
1. Watery, filmy, or unable to see clearly: bleary eyes.
2. Tired, disoriented, or bleary-eyed: He shuffled around the kitchen, bleary with sleep.
3. Vaguely outlined; indistinct: "The Palisades are wan and bleary with heat" (Clement Greenberg).

blear′i·ly adv.
blear′i·ness n.


n. lagaña, secreción pegajosa del ojo; vista nublada.
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Eating breakfast in bed: more usually lunch given the time she's taken to play catch-up and banish her bleariness.
As a director I was interested in highlighting the communal while also punctuating the bleariness of "real" with fiction.
I felt as though the ordinary bleariness of life had suddenly refocused, and I had glimpsed the beauty of the tiny things of life: a drop of sky, a well-cooked pea.
Though it burned in their lungs, jolted them from beer and whiskey bleariness, they hardly spoke, and when Vince tried to fault himself, to apologize, Sully would shake him off, say, We cool, and turn up the hardcore in the tape deck, and take another hit.