blended family

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blend·ed family

A stepfamily.
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It was a blended family vacation for Sunshine Cruz and Macky Mathay as they set off to relax in Batangas.
This can be more complicated when you have a blended family, where there can be all kinds of additional considerations.
The series revolves around a large blended family with six children.
But no worries, Hattie has collected eggs from all over the world, hatched them, and raised her blended family of cockatoos, storks, owls, anything from an egg--even reptiles.
From the outset, the happy family facade that Hunter's mum insists will bring this blended family closer together--is challenged by a number of traumatic events that create animosity between Hunter and his family.
He explores common dilemmas and challenges, discusses psychological issues that stem from divorce and remarriage, and comes from years in practice and his own experience as a member of a blended family.
Synopsis: "Cabin Lessons: A Nail-by-Nail Tale: Building Our Dream Cottage from 2x4s, Blisters, and Love" is the story of Spike Carlsen, his wife, and their recently blended family of five kids set out to build a cabin on the north shore of Lake Superior.
It's also a meditation by a kind, modest and genuinely funny guy on building a marriage, a blended family and a life.
Stepdog is fun and often funny, but it will be of special interest to anyone with a blended family life.
8220;The world's statistics say a blended family is more likely to end in divorce than a traditional family.
Stewart and Ashley are having a tough time adjusting to their new, blended family.
Parents in a "yours, mine and ours" family hold three parenting roles: one each for the two families that blended, and a third when a child is born into the blended family.