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n. pl. blesbok or bles·boks
A South African antelope (Damaliscus pygargus subsp. phillipsi syn. D. dorcas subsp. phillipsi) having a reddish-brown coat, curved horns, and a white mark on the face.

[Afrikaans : bles, white mark on an animal's face (from Middle Dutch; see bhel- in Indo-European roots) + bok, buck (from Middle Dutch boc).]


(ˈblɛsˌbʌk) or


n, pl -boks, -bok, -bucks or -buck
(Animals) an antelope, Damaliscus dorcas (or albifrons), of southern Africa. The coat is a deep reddish-brown with a white blaze between the eyes; the horns are lyre-shaped
[C19: Afrikaans, from Dutch bles blaze2 + bok goat, buck1]



also bles•buck


n., pl. -boks also -bucks, (esp. collectively) -bok also -buck.
a large antelope, Damaliscus albifrons, of S Africa, having a blaze on the face.
[1815–25; < Afrikaans, = Dutch bles blaze2 + bok buck1]
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ubiquitum has been commonly detected in domestic and wild ruminants (sheep, goats, mouflon sheep, blesboks, nyalas, white-tailed deer, Pere David's deer, sika deer, ibexes, buffalos, and yaks), rodents (squirrels, chipmunks, woodchucks, beavers, porcupines, deer mice, house mice, and gerbils), carnivores (raccoons), and primates (lemurs and humans) (12-16).
Africa (1) Blesbok 1 Czech Republic (1) Nyala 1 Czech Republic (1) Nonhuman primate Verreaux's sifaka 1 USA (1) Human 41 USA (25) UK (13) Turkey (1) Peru (1) Canada (1) Water Storm water 15 USA (15) Source water 3 USA (3) Subtype family (no.
Big beasts such as lions think guests in zebra print gear are a juicy meal, while the Blesboks and Nile lechwe (species related to deer) fear that leopard print wearers could be predators looking on the prowl for prey.