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 (blĕs′ĭd) also blest (blĕst)
a. Worthy of worship; holy.
b. Held in veneration; revered.
2. Blessed Roman Catholic Church Used as a title before the name of one who has been beatified.
3. Bringing happiness, pleasure, or contentment.
4. blessed Used as an intensive: I don't have a blessed dime.

bless′ed·ly adv.
bless′ed·ness n.
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Noun1.blessedness - a state of supreme happinessblessedness - a state of supreme happiness  
happiness, felicity - state of well-being characterized by emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy
nirvana, enlightenment - (Hinduism and Buddhism) the beatitude that transcends the cycle of reincarnation; characterized by the extinction of desire and suffering and individual consciousness


1. The quality of being holy or sacred:
2. A condition of supreme well-being and good spirits:
مُبارَكه، تَقْديس
blessun, hamingja, sæla


[ˈblesɪdnɪs] N (Rel) → bienaventuranza f, santidad f; (= happiness) → dicha f, felicidad f


(bles) past tense blessed: past participles blessed ~blest
– to ask God to show favour to. Bless this ship.
blessed (ˈblesid) adjective
holy. the Blessed Virgin.
ˈblessedly (-sid-) adverb
ˈblessedness (-sid-) noun
ˈblessing noun
1. a wish or prayer for happiness or success. The priest gave them his blessing.
2. any cause of happiness. Her son was a great blessing to her.
3. a prayer of thanks to God before and/or after a meal.
a blessing in disguise
something that has proved to be fortunate after seeming unfortunate.
References in classic literature ?
Who can speak the blessedness of that first day of freedom?
You are so dim, so vague, you are but a mist, a cloud, but you are HERE, and that is blessedness sufficient; and I have your hand; don't take it away -- it is for only a little while, I shall not require it long.
Cobb was mother only to a little headstone in the churchyard, where reposed "Sarah Ann, beloved daughter of Jeremiah and Sarah Cobb, aged seventeen months;" but the name of mother was better than nothing, and served at any rate as a reminder of her woman's crown of blessedness.
The wretchedness of slavery, and the blessedness of freedom, were perpetually before me.
And, with something of a pang, resolutely stifled, I realised for a moment the true blessedness of the single state I was so soon to leave behind.
He with his consorted EVE The storie heard attentive, and was fill'd With admiration, and deep Muse to heare Of things so high and strange, things to thir thought So unimaginable as hate in Heav'n, And Warr so neer the Peace of God in bliss With such confusion: but the evil soon Driv'n back redounded as a flood on those From whom it sprung, impossible to mix With Blessedness.
Dear friends," she said at last, "brothers and sisters, whom I love as those for whom my Lord has died, believe me, I know what this great blessedness is; and because I know it, I want you to have it too.
To her, the handwriting itself, independent of anything it may convey, is a blessedness.
I like the little house," she admitted; "but I suppose what I like is the blessedness of its being here, in my own country and my own town; and then, of being alone in it.
It was very faint and very far off, but it /was/ a sound, a faint, murmuring sound, for the others heard it too, and no words can describe the blessedness of it after all those hours of utter, awful stillness.
they talk of the blessedness of labour, and it is a meaningless phrase, but to me it has the most intense significance.
Even if we loved some one else better than--than those we were married to, it would be no use"--poor Dorothea, in her palpitating anxiety, could only seize her language brokenly--"I mean, marriage drinks up all our power of giving or getting any blessedness in that sort of love.