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(blăth′ər) also bleth·er (blĕth′-)
intr.v. blath·ered, blath·er·ing, blath·ers also bleth·ered or bleth·er·ing or bleth·ers
To talk nonsensically.
Nonsensical talk.

[Old Norse bladhra; see bhlē- in Indo-European roots.]

blath′er·er n.


n (inf)Gequatsche nt (inf)
References in classic literature ?
I knew him in Egypt three hundred years ago; I knew him in India five hundred years ago -- he is always blethering around in my way, everywhere I go; he makes me tired.
To all of which the Vice-Warden simply replied "Don't you be a great blethering goose
Thee mind what I tells 'ee," rejoins Rachel saucily, "and doan't 'ee kep blethering about fairings.
uk found that blokes in Manchester blokes spent the most time blethering to their mothers - a whopping 58 per cent of their calls.
In Blethering Referendum tonight on BBC1, the funnyman takes a jocular journey through the political landscape, reminding viewers that the West Lothian Question isn't about being asked by someone looking for directions to Linlithgow and the Barnett Formula isn't hairspray.
And while I can bore most people to death blethering on about the genius of Sir Alex, how we miss Cantona and how Beckham should be able to keep his underwear habits a secret, I think I can still manage to keep my love for Fergie's red and white army in proportion.
There we were, enjoying the Sailor Jerry and the saucy dancers, when one of my staff and her friend start blethering to us.
Blethering Referendum Monday, BBC1 Someone on Twitter called this "the Fisher Price guide to the referendum".
By the end of the night, his blethering war evacuee dad, a wife who trains him like a dog with sexual favours and Flanagan himself felt like old friends.