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1. A nonrigid, buoyant airship.
2. Derogatory An obese person.
v.intr. blimped, blimp·ing, blimps
Slang To become very fat. Often used with out: He's really blimped out since he got that desk job.

[Possibly imitative of the sound made by tapping the finger against the envelope of the airship.]


n. Chiefly British
A pompous, reactionary, ultranationalistic person.

[After Colonel Blimp, a cartoon character invented by David Low (1891-1963).]

Blimp′ish adj.


highly conservative and nationalistic


(ˈblɪm pɪʃ)

adj. (sometimes cap.)
pompously reactionary.
[1935–40; (Colonel) Blimp + -ish1]
blimp′ish•ness, n.
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Adj.1.blimpish - pompously ultraconservative and nationalistic
conservative - resistant to change


[ˈblɪmpɪʃ] ADJ (Brit) → reaccionario
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To bring it all up to date, I would like to propose a big cheer for the blimpish General Sir Nicholas Houghton, whose views on poppies and nuclear weapons have ruffled a few feathers.
Thatcher was made of sterner stuff than the blimpish Grocer, and eventually faced down Scargill and his troops.
It is difficult to imagine the pre-9/11 Hitchens forgetting himself to such an extent; and, to be fair, even Hitchens post-9/11 rarely sounds so Blimpish.
Snooty blue rinse bint to blimpish hubby: "My dear, look at that strange looking building.
I know I sound blimpish but I do feel the straight play is a doomed species.