blink away

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Verb1.blink away - force to go away by blinkingblink away - force to go away by blinking; "blink away tears"
conquer, inhibit, stamp down, suppress, subdue, curb - to put down by force or authority; "suppress a nascent uprising"; "stamp down on littering"; "conquer one's desires"

w>blink away

vt sep tearswegblinzeln (inf)
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Asked at the forum yesterday if running for President was still worth it, Poe had to take a moment to blink away tears before answering.
In tackling the bitter subject of nonprofit fraud, Matt Burriesci's Nonprofit is so agonizingly funny that do-gooders of all stripes will grind their teeth as they blink away tears of laughter.
McGee, of Edenhurst Avenue, Wallasey, was shaking in the dock and appeared to blink away tears as the verdict was delivered.
When possessing a threepronged attack of potent potential like Hatem Ben Arfa, Papiss Cisse and Demba Ba then even if the supply line is often cut and the opposition dominate possession for spells an opportunity is always only a blink away.
And being a mere blink away from the beach makes this hotel an all-round winner.
The 15-day festivities will go a long way towards normalising the environment and enabling the people of Swat to blink away the images of dead bodies hanging from electric pylons.
Christopher Columbus Park and Joe's Italian place, which does a fabulous chicken feast, are but a blink away, and a tourist trolley bus stops outside the hotel entrance.
Here you are with your wonderful cityscapes and iconic public art and with the bonus of beautiful coastlines a mere blink away.
1 has announced she will step away from tournament play at the end of the year and the fitting climax to her 57th Major - Sorenstam has won 10 including the 2003 British Open - raised memories of Jack Nicklaus' birdie finish to his last Major at the 2005 Open at St Andrews As she walked towards the final green amid a torrential downpour, an emotional Sorenstam, sharing an umbrella with caddie and friend Terry McNamara, had to blink away the tears when she saw the scoreboard displaying a message that said, "Annika, you will be missed".
The reasonable investor cannot blink away what the market sees.
A TEES Valley inventor has developed a green alternative to the road danger lamps, which blink away on the top of traffic cones.