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v. blinked, blink·ing, blinks
1. To close and open one or both of the eyes rapidly.
2. To look in astonishment or disbelief, typically with the eyes blinking: stood blinking at the money they found in the drawer; blinked at the results of the experiment.
3. To look through half-closed eyes, as in a bright glare; squint: blinked at the page trying to make out the letters.
4. To give off light with intermittent gleams; flash on and off: "blazing neon signs, brilliant shop windows, decorations blinking across the fronts of half-finished tower blocks" (Jess Row).
5. To pretend to be ignorant of; disregard or condone: a mayor who refused to blink at corruption.
6. To waver or back down, as in a contest of wills: "This was the first genuine, direct confrontation between this administration and the Soviets. It was the U.S.A. that blinked" (Zbigniew Brzezinski).
1. To cause to blink: blinked his eyes to clear his vision.
2. To hold back or remove from the eyes by blinking: blinked back the tears.
3. To refuse to recognize or face: blink ugly facts.
4. To transmit (a message) with a flashing light.
1. The act or an instance of rapidly closing and opening the eyes or an eye.
2. An instant: I'll be back in a blink.
3. Scots A quick look or glimpse; a glance.
4. A flash of light; a twinkle.
5. See iceblink.
in the blink of an eye
Very quickly.
on the blink
Out of working order.
without blinking an eye
Without showing any reaction.

[Probably Middle English blinken, to move suddenly, variant of blenchen; see blench1.]


(Plants) (functioning as singular) a small temperate portulacaceous plant, Montia fontana with small white flowers
[C19: from blink, because the flowers do not fully open and thus seem to blink at the light]
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Noun1.blinks - small Indian lettuce of northern regionsblinks - small Indian lettuce of northern regions
Indian lettuce - a plant of the genus Montia having edible pleasant-tasting leaves
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Well, as I advanced, it seemed to me the stair grew airier and a thought more lightsome; and I was wondering what might be the cause of this change, when a second blink of the summer lightning came and went.
We have discovered happiness"--say the last men, and blink thereby.
Formerly all the world was insane,"--say the subtlest of them, and blink thereby.
We have discovered happiness,"--say the last men, and blink thereby.
Decreased blink rates and incomplete blinks [also] occur with both fast-paced and slow-paced computer games," Klamm and Tarnow write.
And two such persons who have set their monetary goal for their new project, Blinks, telling the world what it is they're trying to do, and crossing their fingers as their project opens for donations are the enterprising duo, Kristy Faulhaber and Carlo Micceri.
We blink about 15 to 20 times each minute, and blinks last 0.
As well as the regular blinks your eyes also go into blink mode if something like a bug is coming towards you.
TV VIEWERS time their blinks so they do not miss any screen action, scientists have found.
They monitored the eye blinks of volunteers as they watched a clip of a silent comedy with a strong narrative, or a movie of an aquarium with no narrative, or listened to an audio book with a narrative, but not a visual one.
Squinting at a computer screen can cut in half the number of times someone blinks each minute--and that could lead to a condition called dry eye, suggests research from Ohio State University, Columbus.