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An increased frequency of viral blips has been reported with the newer-generation viral load assays that are now in widespread use Increased reporting and awareness of viral blips has led to recent advances in the understanding of the etiology and significance of transient low-level viremia.
Llanelli and TNS still have to play each other twice so can take points off each other, but for us to have a chance of the title, it would mean the top two having three or four blips over the next 10 games.
Many nurses chart something like "recurrent variable decelerations" when they see tiny spikes or blips dropping 5 or 10 beats below the baseline.
We've picked up five points from seven matches, which is a blip, but that's all it is," said Worthington.
Intensive sampling over a 3- to 4-month period in 10 HIV-positive patients with long-term infection control revealed that blips usually have short duration (median of less than 3 days) and low magnitude (median of 79 copies/mL).
And the word will be (drum roll) blip, as in when a football team can't win a game.
While there were occasional blips of viral load, even in rare cases to a few hundred copies, when we kept them on the five-day on two-day off they would re-suppress, at least out to week 24.
Their special blip was no figment of their imagination.
About a year ago, however, MDH process technologist John Goff and Dynisco UK's Bill Davies theorized that these blips might be something more than noise and might even reveal something about the molding process.
Often, blips would fill up a depth layer on the monitors' screens, then move up and down over the course of the night.
Filed in January 2005 in the Circuit Court of Clark County, Arkansas on behalf of lead plaintiff, Thomas Becnel, and all other OPIS and BLIPS participants, the strength of the case was highlighted with KPMG's very public admission this past Thursday that it engaged in "unlawful conduct" that seriously harmed KPMG's clients.
Fascinating pieces from ``Kid A'' including ``The National Anthem,'' ``Treefingers'' and ``How to Disappear Completely'' were taken apart and put back together as the musicians at one point relinquished their usual instruments in favor of small synths and banks of gear emitting musical blips and bleeps and torrents of carefully controlled dissonance.