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abbr. Sports
1. block
2. blocked


1. black.
2. block.
3. bulk.
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They come in the signature clear BLK tubes, but in special gold bullet sheaths bearing Curtis' signature.
New Delhi [India], July 26 ( ANI ): A 45 year old patient undergoes successful liver transplant at BLK Super Speciality Hospital, after receiving liver from a donor after his cardiac death - what is called as 'Donation After Cardiac Death' or DCD.
300 BLK was developed by Advanced Armament Corporations Research and Development Director Robert Silvers and presented as a SAAMI cartridge.
Now BLK, which is based at Orde Wingate Way, Stockton, has signed a three-year deal to become the club's official kit and training apparel partner from the 2017/18 campaign.
The BLK CyberKnife Center doctors are a team of most experienced medical professionals who have a thorough knowledge and years old experience in the field.
300 BLK cartridge was designed to fit in standard .
Under the terms of the agreement the Ospreys will wear BLK playing and training kit starting next season.
Mitsui will acquire a part of BLK's stock held by OOO Bail ("BAIL"), which is the parent company of BLK, and take a third-party allocation of new shares by BLK, finally acquiring a 40% ownership stake in BLK.
BLK Denim, owned by Sun Capital, will remain in the space with 3% annual rental increases until June 2016 and than may opt to renew for another five years.
But for the issue's release party, we got a little piece of Johannesburg to come to us, in the forceful form of BLK JKS, making their first visit to the US.
Axflow has extended its hygienic pump capability with the addition of Blackmer's BLK Hy-clean series.