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bloat·er 1

A large mackerel or herring, lightly smoked and salted.

[From obsolete dialectal bloat, a soft, moist cured fish, probably from bloat.]

bloat·er 2

A small whitefish (Coregonus hoyi) of the Great Lakes and the lakes of eastern Canada.


1. (Cookery) a herring, or sometimes a mackerel, that has been salted in brine, smoked, and cured
2. slang Brit a fat or greedy person


(ˈbloʊ tər)

1. a herring or mackerel cured by being salted and briefly smoked and dried.
2. a freshwater cisco, Coregonus hoyi, found in the Great Lakes.
[1825–35; bloat (adj.) (see bloat) + -er1]
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Noun1.bloater - large fatty herring lightly salted and briefly smokedbloater - large fatty herring lightly salted and briefly smoked
herring - valuable flesh of fatty fish from shallow waters of northern Atlantic or Pacific; usually salted or pickled


[ˈbləʊtəʳ] Narenque m ahumado



[ˈbləʊtəʳ] n (herring) → aringa affumicata; (mackerel) → sgombro affumicato
References in classic literature ?
But Peggotty said, with greater emphasis than usual, that we must take things as we found them, and that, for her part, she was proud to call herself a Yarmouth Bloater.
Being roused in the morning at the appointed time, and roused with difficulty, after his late fatigues, Quilp instructed Tom Scott to make a fire in the yard of sundry pieces of old timber, and to prepare some coffee for breakfast; for the better furnishing of which repast he entrusted him with certain small moneys, to be expended in the purchase of hot rolls, butter, sugar, Yarmouth bloaters, and other articles of housekeeping; so that in a few minutes a savoury meal was smoking on the board.
The prospect of looking like a bloater on Saturday night TV, when I weighed 94kg, was an incentive to slim
Does this spell the end for Sepp Bloater and his cronies - sorry, I mean Sepp Blatter?
I had to leave this letter--go into the kitchen & cut myself an entire round of bread & bloater paste--tin loaf--because the body refuses to consider itself dined on one piece of flounder & an orange--I didn't know that Life held anything so ineffably delicious as this bread.
This rather alarming statement translates so: "I've been down to the pub (vapour rub) to give the man (geezer) the cash (sausage and mash) for the motor (haddock and bloater.
A major reason for this regime is vanity - as a chap who scoffs professionally, the calory-burning rigours are necessary if I'm not to turn into a bloater.
This appearance has given rise to the expression "blue bloater.
Robert Scott BACK in the days when he wasn't quite so much of a bloater, Val Kilmer put on his best poker face to star in Spartan, playing a special ops soldier hired for a top secret mission to rescue the President's kidnapped daughter.
But The Only Way Is Essex bloater JAMES 'ARG' ARGENT would disagree, judging by Friday night in Marbella.
Effects of changes in the zooplankton assemblage on growth of bloater and implications for recruitment success.
A chronic bloater may actually be a chronic hardware, in some cases.