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n. Informal
The practice of persuading white homeowners to sell quickly and usually at a loss by appealing to the fear that nonwhite groups will move into the neighborhood, causing property values to decline. The property is then resold at inflated prices.


(Commerce) informal US the act or practice of inducing the sale of property cheaply by exploiting the owners' fears of lower prices if racial minorities live in the area


(ˈblɒkˌbʌs tɪŋ)

the practice of inducing homeowners to sell their properties at prices below value by exploiting fears that members of minority groups will be moving into the neighborhood, and then reselling these homes at inflated prices.
block′bust`, v.t., v.i.
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Froch is looking to avenge his defeat to Denmark's Kessler when the two meet at the O2 Arena on May 25 in a blockbusting bout for the WBA and IBF supermiddleweight belts.
Out on the battlefield, the Master Chief feels more weighty than before, iron-sights aiming has been introduced and a smattering of in-the-moment, immersive QTE events punctuate blockbusting action scenes.
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IF YOU'RE looking for further confirmation that the video game world could at some point eclipse movies as the most profitable entertainment medium, look no further than a likefor-like comparison between two blockbusting recent releases on the silver and small screen.
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