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adj. block·i·er, block·i·est


like a block, esp in shape and solidity
ˈblockiness n


(ˈblɒk i)

adj. block•i•er, block•i•est.
1. heavily built; stocky.
2. marked by blocks or patches, as in a photograph.
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Adj.1.blocky - resembling a block in shapeblocky - resembling a block in shape    
cubic, three-dimensional - having three dimensions


Short, heavy, and solidly built:
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The entrance-floor atrium, designed by French artist Daniel Buren, evoked the blockier shapes of early Pompeian wall paintings but its mirrors added a fun-house dimension announcing that here the ancient and the contemporary would be bouncing back and forth, the old would seem new and the new old.
Perrin and Hancox (1992) pointed out that slides formed as a result of intense rainfall are more fluid and tend to spread out more across a depositional area, whereas seismically induced landslides may have a blockier appearance and a more limited depositional extent as it occurs in the studied area.
The exterior also sports a more sophisticated design with bolder lines and style elements, like new headlights that help break up the blockier styling of the previous generation.
Long, aerodynamic bullets with sleek ogives and generous boattails have their centers of gravity farther rearward in relation to their center of pressure than do shorter, blockier bullets.